Cameron and Vanessa Mathison

Many of you old fans of the now defunct daytime soap All My Children, may recognize Cameron Mathison, who played the character Ryan Lavery. Since Cameron’s departure from the above soap, he had become host for Good Morning America, acted in several made for TV movies from the Hallmark channel,(which he still continues to do) And eventually landed the job as Host Correspondent at Entertainment Tonight. Cameron who is originally from Ontario Canada, as well has grown up in Ontario until it was his time to fly the coop to become a productive adult to society. Cameron is a married 49 year old father of two children, consisting of a teen aged son and pre teen daughter. Cameron has been married to his professional model wife Vanessa Mathison since 2002. Cameron is currently in Fiji filming a movie, which is his latest status at the moment.


Now Enough of the formalities.. lets get to the fun stuff OK? Sound Good? OK here goes.. so hmm. Where shall I start next?….. ha ha OK OK here goes.. ahem… Read on…. OH WAIT…. in parts of this blog will be based on my intuitions, and impressions of the above dynamic duo, as well there will be parts where it will sound as if I am actually talking to both Cameron and Vanessa in person.


My Views on Cameron and Vanessa Mathison And All that Jazz:


I been following Cameron Mathison off and on since he had left AMC. I unfortunately never had a chance to watch any of his movies that had aired on the Hallmark channel only because I don’t catch the Hallmark channel due to my living in Canada. Anyhow.. I really started to follow Cameron and his wife Vanessa through their Instagram accounts(IG) since last Christmas which I still do at the present. Since I been following Cameron and his wife on IG. I like what I have seen so far. What drawn me to Cameron is not only his extremely good looks, but he is extremely sexy and appealing to all women out there alike, and I am no exception, Plus Cameron looks good in everything he wears no matter what kind of day he is having. I am in shock he shows not one wrinkle or ounce of fat on him, where most middle aged men eventually let themselves go in the looks and health department, where I wish more middle aged men would follow Cameron’s example, because HE IS ONE HOT LOOKING MUCHACHA! Which I have mentioned that to Cameron many times already. I feel that Cameron is the ideal type of man most women out there would want in their lives so again I am no exception to the rule. I love the fact that how Cameron is pretty humble, down to earth, and overall just overall a fun loving guy. Nothing seems to faze him either, since there have been many many times I have harmlessly flirted with Cameron on IG on his postings and he just takes it all in stride, he just seems very appreciative or extremely possibly flattered to hear someone such as myself a plain Jane ole looking me, who thinks very highly of him. I am very impressed by his love of the connections he has with his fans or followers on social media where he never seems to have any qualms in sharing his life via photo postings on IG or Facebook. The same goes for his wife Vanessa too. Although I get the impression that Cameron is more highly into the whole Social media thing, than Vanessa is, which isn’t a bad thing, but I guess the reason I say or feel that Cameron is more into Social media than his wife is because of the amount of photo’s he posts on his IG which is in no doubt pretty cool in my book. As for Vanessa I found her to be extremely sincere, so that is one word that describes her best. I wish I had more words to describe Vanessa but I am not as familiar with her as I am with Cameron due to his high profile career which made him a household name, mainly thanks to his work on AMC. So I am hoping Vanessa won’t be offended by what I have said above, although I still think she is pretty nice and decent person overall. I envy Vanessa good looks and so wish I could look as gorgeous as she does. I think what really truly impressed me about Cameron is that he always had responded to all my comments on IG, regardless of how many comments I had left for him. OK yes I know I am not the only one he responds back to on IG but he always does no matter what, its as if I were his favourite IG follower or he found a liking towards me or something. And maybe its because he knows I am from Canada or its his way of continuing to keep communicating with his Canadian counterparts. Better yet maybe it also helps him stay humble as well. I think Cameron’s humbleness has possibly spread to his wife Vanessa too and even though she like Cameron has been super nice to me I still think she is more into the quiet behind the social media scene as I have previously had mentioned. However, I am touched by the extreme kindness that Cameron and Vanessa has shown me therefore I will show you some examples.


For starters, aside from Cameron and Vanessa having been kind to me, I recall last Christmas I had become sick with this nasty bug which lasted until Valentines Day. There I was pretty worried about my health due to the fact that I was having some ear issues which had warranted a couple of visits to the ENT and how I was fearing the possibility of having surgery on my ears. So in turn I had mentioned the above to both Cameron and Vanessa on social media, asking if they would pray for me etc. To my surprise they not only responded back to me expressing their sympathies and prayers, but they actually had cared enough to take the time to reply something back to me. Not because they had to, it was because they genuinely had wanted to do so. I mean who am I to them other than a fan? A follower? It’s not important what I am to both Cameron and Vanessa,except that here are two classy people who really CARED enough to just say hey… here are some prayers.. very sorry that your ill.. etc etc. Again CLASS! I also have two fond memories of involving Cameron and Vanessa on social media that I will never forget which given me a lasting impression of the the two above as follows: Last Christmas, I had asked Cameron if it would had been OK for me to send him and Vanessa a Christmas card by mail? And if there was an actual address I can send it to, where it wouldn’t compromise his safety and privacy. To my absolute shock and amazement Cameron trusted me enough to give me his work address from the place he worked at, which was from the Entertainment, Tonight office Headquarters. I was like FLOORED he replied back posting his work address publicly for the world to see, without batting an eyelash! And the only thing Cameron had told me to do is just google up the zip code of his work address. Another thing Cameron seemed very ecstatic as if he had won a lottery after upon hearing he were to receive a Christmas card from me, it was as if he was extremely touched, and therefore welcomed the idea of the prospect of receiving a card from me. Sure enough I had mailed the Christmas card, and have mentioned to Cameron and his wife that the card was on its way.. On the other hand, I had apologized for both Cameron and Vanessa about my constant pestering as to whether they had yet received my Christmas card? Both Cameron and Vanessa were pretty good about it and didn’t seem pissed off from my constant pestering, in which I hope they really weren’t but in either case they were pretty good sports about it all. Once Vanessa and Cameron had received my Christmas Card they had expressed great appreciation, thanks, and gratitude for my having taken the time to have sent them something for Christmas, even if its a card, which they also expressed that they even enjoyed the type of card I had picked out and had sent to them too. So I guess due to the Christmas card that was sent I think I made a lasting good memorable impression to Cameron and Vanessa as the woman with the sweet looking cat from Canada, and from IG who had sent them a very nice card. Another interesting memory about Cameron as well, was again around Christmas last year, for fun I created a Christmas carol in the rendition of Santa Claus is Coming To Town, whereas I had changed some lyrics to add Cameron into the well known Christmas carol. Cameron took notice of my so called lyric writing abilities of the above Christmas carol and literally thought it was pretty comical thing he ever had seen, where he responded back to me on IG with a laughing emoji. I hope Cameron still remembers the above.







When I had mentioned to both Cameron and Vanessa about my cat Wikki they both took the time to look at his IG account where Cameron mentioned to me on IG that Wikki was a very sweet looking cat. On the other hand as an animal lover both Cameron and Vanessa are to be, I get this vibe that Vanessa is more of a cat person than Cameron is, not that its a bad thing which is also OK. Although I honestly think Vanessa fell in love with my cat Wikki because whenever she seen a photo of Wikki or my having left a comment on IG from Wikkis IG account, Vanessa always responded with the “I’m in love” emoji. I recall this past Valentines Day I had made two separate shout out videos for both Cameron and Vanessa, coming from one of my you tube Channels. Both of them were very appreciative and had enjoyed my should out videos to them, expressing their thanks and enjoyment not only on IG, but for Vanessa to take the time to respond to me directly from their family You Tube channel, by saying thanks for the wonderful things I had said about her on my shout out video about her. At one point I recall Vanessa even complimented me on IG stating how “I had kind eyes”. I was surprised to hear such a nice compliment from someone like Vanessa because it made me feel that I really wasn’t this ugly duckling as I kind of view myself at times, which is related to my very poor self esteem.


More Thoughts/…. Views etc : On the Mathisons AKA Cameron and Vanessa:


I really like the fact that both Cameron and Vanessa are not mean spirited folks who have no ego issues and who don’t act like they are prima donnas either. As I had said earlier I really think I have made a permanent lasting impression on both Cameron and Vanessa, because once again she took the time to respond to a comical comment I had made lately on both hers and Cameron’s IG accounts, as to how I felt that she(Vanessa) needed to go join her husband down to Fiji type of deal.. ha ha… I absolutely adore the fact that Cameron remains close family ties with his mum who is in Canada, good for you Cameron, your mama raised you very well… don’t ever lose your Canadian and family roots, as well as upbringing. As for Vanessa, I love your sense of clothing style, You always look good in everything you wear,you and Cameron remind me so much of and do resemble a soap super couple. Wouldn’t it be cool if you two ever played an actual soap super couple one day on another daytime soap, just like real life former soap super couple Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos? And Vanessa again thanks for always being pretty nice to me on IG. If I ever knew exactly when your birthday was, I would surely send you a birthday card, Cameron too, although I know his birthday isn’t until sometime in late August. I really envy the life of the Mathisons or shall I say Mama and Papa Mathison, aka Cameron and Vanessa, they have the perfect house, an idyllic perfect marriage and family life, where I wished I had while growing up, even though I know there isn’t such thing as the perfect life, marriage, family. However, I do realize both Cameron and Vanessa has worked extremely hard in their careers to able them to have the life they so wish to have and do deserve, in which I think they are both very and extremely grateful for. I also think both Cameron and Vanessa make really good parents, who know how to teach as well as stress to their two children the importance of hard work, good health, exercise, education, and being the best individuals they can be, and to overall be very good humbled folks when both kids reach adulthood. I can see that Cameron has a very gentle soul as a father when it comes to the love of both his children, in other words like one big giant marshmallow especially to his youngest daughter Leia, a true daddy’s girl. I know that their son Lukas is just as loved as his younger sister, but I think due to him being a teenager, I think he is more independent and like to be on his own, as much as he certainly does love his parents. As for the love Cameron has towards his wife Vanessa it certainly has a lot of passion, I can see it in a lot of their photo’s taken together, which is the way it should be. This is probably why they not only look so good together but who like I said earlier do resemble a soap super couple. Now when I think of it their life is sort of like a soap opera, but in a good way, due to all the places they get to travel together or how Cameron has to go away in a lot of trips due to his acting or E. T’s host correspondence duties. All I can say is that I continue to enjoy seeing both Cameron and Vanessa on IG where I look forward to each of their posts. I just overall love corresponding with them via IG. They are just an overall very fun entertaining enchanting couple. I feel that Cameron and Vanessa are good role models to look up to. And if they can inspire anyone to help them improve something in his or her life, then they have did their job. One day I would love to meet Cameron and Vanessa in person should that ever happen, but knowing me I would probably be too shy or too nervous to walk up to them in person, due to my suffering a bit from social anxiety. It’s funny for me to say that I suffer from social anxiety, especially since both Cameron and Vanessa can see I have no problem speaking my mind by the countless of comments I have left on their social feeds on IG. Ha Ha… I plan next Christmas to send both Cameron and Vanessa a Christmas card. Plus I plan to direct this blog entry to both Cameron and Vanessa in hopes they will love it. I tried to write this blog entry as if it were not only a school essay, but as if I was also directly speaking to them or as if I had known them forever. Although a lot of my thoughts about you two Cameron and Vanessa,are based on my impressions of what I seen of you guys via social media such as Instagram. And if I happen to have accurately or had precisely had read your personas etc then again its all related to gut intuition and from what I seen on social media. Thanks for sharing your lives with us all and I will see you on Instagram.


In the meantime I am enclosing an old you tube video of what family life is like for the Mathisons in which I hope you will enjoy watching. I am sure Cameron and Vanessa would get a kick out of watching this old Parenting clip below:











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