Check this out night

well ive never believed that journaling ever would be helpful.   But the mind set i am in, im going to give it a try.   It was another hard day.   Went to see becky pa-c.   Gonna start bac on my lexapro.   Idk how this is gonna work.  Gotta stop feeling sorry for myself.   Ive done it so long though.   I have so much sorrow on my heart mixed with a little bitterness.   Ug.   I miss my mom that i had been at odds with so many years.   So much junk in my head about this.  Everybody is at odds with each other and it feels like a slow agonizing death.  I am at a loss as to what to do.    Then theres shawn.   I dont know what to do for him.   He doesnt take very good care of himself and is losing friends whether they die or disappear.   Ken and i seem to be the only one that care.   He wont shower.    And he has an offensive odor.   Idk.said enough for one night.

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  1. You might try journaling “to” your mother, saying whatever you need to say. The relationship can still be mended. It takes a bit of creativity. I’m sorry there is hurt and bitterness in your heart. Been there. One cure is to pray blessings on the person who has hurt you. It works! I wish you all the best (( HUG ))

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