Family Vloggers

Hey all

During the past several years I have been following a couple of family vloggers on You Tube. My favorite family vloggers on you tube that I mostly watch is known as 8 Passengers and my second favorite You Tube Vlog channel is The Weiss Life  tied with The Ingham Family.  All the above You tube vloggers I had mentioned all have one thing in common they are seem to be the type of family I wish to have been related to  for alot of reasons where I dont want to get into, whereas they all seem to be very genuine among other things. OK granted we us you tube viewers may not really know what each of those famillies are really like behind closed doors. Although each time I watch the above vloggers I always get a very good vibe from each of them. Sometimes good things can happen out of watching and following a You Tube Family Vlog which has personally happened to me. I will write about it on my next entry.  Anyhow, if any of the above you tube family vloggers had ever came to my city for a meet n greet which the above do actual meet n greets at places such as Vid con, I would LOVE to have met them in person. Also many Family Vloggers do make alot of money on you tube as well where some of them actually make millions such as the case of Bratayley who I used to watch them faithfully everyday for several years until a year ago.  I stopped watching Bratayley which  is also a family vlog on You Tube due to the way their channel had turned all Hollywood like among other things. On the otherhand, my having watched Bratayley had introduced me to someone who is not only is very  well known to Bratayley but  I have actually become friends with, and whom I have personally have Face Timed and do Text to as well. I will write more about that on my next entry.


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