First Word

Great Aunt Marcia and Lynx reading the AMAZING tactile book she MADE for him! He loves it so much

On Monday April 23rd, Lynx said his official first word (in my mind). First word for me had to be intentional, and pronounced clearly enough to not be confused with another word. My Aunt, who was watching him the week previous, said she thought she heard him say it, but for me, it also doesn’t count as the first word until I or Andrew hear it. We miss a lot of firsts with him at the sitter everyday, so we just count our first encounter with his newly learned skill as his first.

We were driving home from the sitter and I asked “Quieres agua?” as I handed his bottle back to him and he said “Agua!” and I “Tu quieres agua?!” and he said “Agua” clear as day. 🙂

2 thoughts on “First Word”

  1. I wasn’t hearing things!!!!!!! Love that boy!

  2. That is awesome! Your little one is bright. I know he is a joy to you!

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