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How socially acceptable is it to tell someone you have never spoken a single word to (and know only very peripherally just because they pass by you in the hallways at least twice a day) that you think they are highly cute and attractive and you deeply regret not being able to befriend them in the last bit of time you could possibly spend with them before you leave the city for good and never see them again.


Oof, this whole question is a Big Mood because I love how this one boy’s hair looks when he pushes it back and I really like how blushy his cheeks always are and I can’t handle how much I want to speak to him and get to know him even though we are obviously not fated to know each other that way, ever, for any reason, but I’m just delirious and starved for affection/attention from the opposite sex (and validation that I’m worth loving but that’s a whole different insecurity that I don’t need to bring up right now) and I just really regret not having the chance to speak with him during the whole year that I have been gradually noticing his presence more and more. I notice certain people for seemingly no reason at all, but it bothers me why this is, because other than the fact that he’s really cute, I don’t remember exactly why or when I started really daydreaming about him, because I know it didn’t happen in the beginning of the year even though I saw him with the same frequency then, too. It’s probably all just me hallucinating and overthinking every single glance any moderately attractive boy happens to throw my way. Sigh.

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  1. I think it’s fine to tell him how you feel, why not really 🙂 but I only think that because I am 11 years older than you, maybe 12! At age 29 I ignore the socially acceptable bit now and go on my feelings only but I’m still not sure how good of an idea that is even at my age :p Thank you for your comment on one of my recent journal entries, I appreciated it <3 it's been a while since I've been able to write more frequently, I'm glad to see you till write a lot!

  2. So this shit is happening to me right now. Kinda. I have found the most amazing person of the opposite sex who likes me back and guess what. In a year he’s going to be studying abroad. Very far away. So I get the butterflies in your stomach feeling when he looks at you and I get the feeling dumb feeling. I’m sorry, I know it’s terrible and confusing

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