He wasn’t sure what to make of it but part of him wanted to hold on to these emotions and be upset, so he could rage. The more confident, calm, and collected side of him told him to let it go and remember that he was indeed the most killer and that no one compared. . .

It really bothered him though.  Even though this guy is short and bald and is so far from him. . .  He did have a nice body though. . . . but those guys never look very elegant, he thought, and he certainly had no style which really was a tragedy. . . .

It was just the thought of the two of them together that made his stomach twist.  That guy touching G and even speaking to him.  Like what did they talk about together?   What could they possibly discuss? 

Maybe our Jake Foster needed to open up a bit more and share?  He had the tendency to just let others talk and not share too much about himself, unless to make a joke at his own expense.  But maybe this was not the way? Maybe he should just open up?  He was taught never to do this but maybe that was not necessarily the correct path in all situations? Otherwise, he was preventing people from knowing him and how killer he is.  Like G had to know, right?

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