We fought most of the night.   He got drunk last night and he’s working on getting drunk again today.  He said last night he was going to go to the office to talk to the guy that gave him the bad information.   He did go down there but I don’t know if or who he talked to anybody.   He said the guy danced around the information and wouldn’t tell him anything.   I feel so screwed and all Ian want to do is fight.   She put Ian is the primary person in the room and I had to pay for it.  I about half expect to be put out of the room by Ian.  I should have never agreed to this.   He picked a fight again this morning and just won’t quit harping at me and being argumentative.   I feel so scared and alone.   I don’t know what to do.  I fear he will put me out and abandon me.   I just pray he will at least take Murray with him and keep him safe. 

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