I was stupid for following Ian to Phoenix.   We got here and his car overheated on top of the front brakes not working. He promised that we had a room reserved for the month and it wasn’t and the room is on the second floor to boot.   The price is $600 more a month than what he said he was told.   He lied to me.   There’s probably a woman here he wanted to hook up with.  I should have done to Dallas to live on the streets.   He can at least he has his sister here he can stay here with her.   I have nothing nowhere.  Nobody to help me.   I’m in a strange city and stranded…. Well,  I have enough I can probably get back to Albuquerque with and live on the streets there until I can get my check next month and go back to Dallas and live on the streets there.  That’s all I deserve is heartbreak and loneliness.

I bought him dinner and he even refused to eat it.   Only drink beer and smoke.  I guess that goes to show how much he cares about me. 

One thought on “Stupid”

  1. I’m so sorry to read this happened to you.

    But you should cut your losses and leave this sorry piece of shit loser who doesn’t even respect you.

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