I allowed negativity to influence my previous posts. Now, 3 months after starting to write, the realization of what I like the most is clear. Heres another list, not one to remind me of what I forget. But to put plainly into words the little pleasures of life I’ve come to enjoy thoroughly.


I like a change of pace

I like my age

I like being surrounded by those like-minded 

I like the smell of freshly ground grass

I like a gloomy sky

I like the smell of fresh linens

I like the waft of Dolce&Gabbana Light Blue as I walk into his Apartment building

I like the scent of a burning blunt he rolled 

I like that he proudly taught me to roll my own

I like the feel of a racing steering wheel at my fingertips

I like the sound of my favorite song

I like rain pounding against the pavement

I like the sound of my nephew’s laughter

I like the sound of his pitter-patter and his squeals when he knows Tita is about to attack

I like the freedom I’ve come to discover

I like loving others with no retribution

I like feeling like I matter to someone and everyone

I like taking my best friend for tacos and fries

I like feeling the wet sand under my toes

I like the pointless drives to the beach with my Megan

I like feeling free of all burdens

I like not asking for permission but consideration

I like how freely its given

I like cruising with enthralling conversations

I like the blaring music drowning out our annoying voices

I like singing and dancing like no one is watching

I like not caring about who I’m not making happy

I like not chasing anyone down

I like being selfish for once

I like being the centerpiece of my own life

I like being on the receiving end of his attention

I like learning from the minds of those sharper than my own

I like holding his hands

I like learning the intricate mechanisms of his mind

I like the new genres of life he’s introduced me to

I like the beats he creates

I like getting lost in the wavelengths of his voice

I like seeing the comfortability set in 

I like his Ironman pillow<3

I like how candid we can be about life 

I like cuddling more than life its self 

I like losing track of time

I like living life according to our own rules

I like feeling like the seductress he makes me out to be

I like the calming reassurance provided when my doubts return

I like the trail of kisses he leaves in wake of his touch 

I like feeling entitled to his pleasure

I like finding the benefits in my life 

I like being happy

and it’s about damn time I learned to like myself. 

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