somehow things will get better

I read back over a lot of old journaling tonight. Now I realize I was getting more depressed early in 2016. Not late 2016, I just had a few good months before the breakdown and stress snowballed. Somehow I will get out of this because I cant stop depression but I can be hopeful that I can have some “remission”and cope a little better. I have to be thankful for being better than last year when I wanted to die a lot. 

Sometimes I still have those feeling s, but they are weakening. Im just worried about getting through anxiety attacks and fear of dying or being sick. I do have to get away from that doctor. I feel like I am getting physically sick/stressed over him and that means he is toxic for me. Get out! Get out! If you are being emotionally abused, gaslighted, physically abused,  get out…..get out! Save your dignity! Save your life!

You will get better if you do. I have faith in this and my own situation.

Then celebrate! 🎉🎉🎉🎉

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