Just another day…..

Today has been SO hot. I’ve been begging for warm weather for the last couple of months, but good Lord…….it’s gotten up to 90 degrees yesterday & today! The humidity makes it hard to breathe. But it no longer feels like the tips of my fingers are going to fall slam off from the cold, so I’ll deal with it. My balance is still about the same, getting so frustrating. I wish the doc would at least ATTEMPT to figure out what is causing the problems. So far she doesn’t seem very concerned. But then she’s not the one stumbling, sometimes actually falling, & looking like a drunk when she walks either. Hmmm…..

Anyway…me & Yanni are going to the mall tomorrow, so I’m looking forward to that. We never get to go places like that together anymore since I don’t have my DL anymore. I think she wants to do something for me for mother’s day. Just spending time with her is enough for me. She’s the very air I breathe. 

I guess I don’t really have anything more to talk about at the moment. Maybe I’ll have more to write about tomorrow night.

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