spontaneous road trips

I quit my job at the daycare. My boss treated me like absolute garbage and I’m no longer standing for it. When I tried to talk to her about it she literally said to my face “I don’t care.” Nah. I left after that.

I work at a deli now. At first I didn’t think this whole food service thing was for me. But after a couple days I noticed how friendly a lot of my coworkers are and I got a handle on the till and found making the salads a lot easier. I’ll probably be stressed again when they eventually make me do the grill. I really don’t want to but I guess we have to be trained in everything. I like doing front end stuff. Taking orders, making salads, and bringing the food to customers.

Last night I got to hang out with Jordan and our friend Ethan. We fucked around at the mall and watched a new show on Netflix but then the boys got thirsty so we picked up some drinks. We were driving down the road singing “Can’t Stop Believing” at the top of our longs acapella and we decided we were gonna go on a road trip. We didn’t know where the fuck we were going. But we vlogged a good chunk of it. After like an hour of aimlessly driving and laughing our asses off we all had to pee so we stopped at a gas station and asked what town we were in. 

We decided that we didn’t wanna come here just for nothing so we decided we were gonna take a picture. We went over to these big tank towers. Ethan climbed up the ladder super high and was fucking around. After we got some awesome pictures, we GPSed back town to town and he dropped us each off at our separate places.

I really wanted to jam out to some new tunes and smoke weed with my other bestfriend, Kat, tonight but she works late and is tired. Sucks. I’m tired too tbh and don’t know what I’ll do with my night. I get the day off tomorrow! It’s been a long week!


Peace xoxo


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