Mother’s Day

I’m a few days late, but better late than never. Right?? So anyway…my beautiful daughters made this Mother’s Day a really nice one. My oldest brought me a bunch of balloons, which amused my pack of black kitties to no end. Lol. My younger daughter took me out to eat & to the mall. We got really similar dresses, which I thought was extremely cute. Now all we need is similar shoes. 

So since then, it’s been up & down as far as my health goes. Like today I’m basically ok. I slept until 2pm, but that’s about normal for me since I have so much trouble sleeping. I’ve been up ever since then, so that’s good. But 2 days ago, I woke up at noon, then every time I tried to sit down & watch tv or anything, I fell asleep. I couldn’t stay awake to save my life!! My doctor tested my vitamin D levels to see if maybe that was a contributor to my fatigue, balance problems, cognitive problems & hair loss. The normal level of vitamin D is 30…..mine was 9. After taking high doses of vitamin D for a month, I’m sure my level has gone up, but NONE of my symptoms have gotten any better. So I guess back to square 1. 

I spent over a month in the hospital back in August & September with septicemia, 2 weeks of that time being on a ventilator. Ever since I came home, I’ve had all of the symptoms I just named, & none of the drs have any idea why. The cat scan showed no stroke activity, yet I have several of the symptoms of it. Now, even though I continue to mention it to my primary dr, nobody is even trying to figure out the cause of all these things. I’m only 47, & here I am not able to bend forward without falling over, not able to stand still in one spot without my knees bending & causing me to almost fall, often having to use a cane, & so on & so forth. I’m really starting to wonder if this is just how I’m going to be from now on. I’m getting so frustrated & discouraged. Well, I guess that’s enough venting for one day. 

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