[273] ~*Thu – 05/17/18*~

[7:36 pm]

I hate myself but I’m still happy. I can’t believe I caved in and went to Jack’s earlier. I don’t know but I just had too cause I just felt bleh from yesterday. I decided to go play $40 and try to make my money back that I lost last night at the Casino. They have this new machine so I decided to play on that one and spent $40 cause I tried two games. I spend $40 and was still not satisfied cause I hadn’t play a game I really wanted to play, I had just tried new ones. I was debating on playing another $20 in the one I wanted to play and finally decided to just do it. If I was gonna lose, I might as well lose. It wasn’t looking so great so of course I was just mad at myself for losing even more money as I was now at a $100 lost. I then got the bonus and made it to $70 and got the bonus again the very next spin so I made it to $106. I played the $6 and took out $100. Phew! I was so happy. I didn’t make any money but I got back the $60 I had just spend and the $40 of last night so I’m okay with that. As long as I play for “free”, it’s all cool. I’m going back to the Casino for some free money tomorrow night so let’s hope that I can win tomorrow and actually make some money. Hehe! I need some money to play with mom next week. Gosh, I’m turning into her. Not good, not good.

I woke up this morning and had a voicemail from the office so I was all happy thinking that my first client had cancelled and that I could stay in bed. It was actually my second client that had cancelled. Last week my first client had cancelled cause she was in the hospital and I wasn’t sure if she was still there or not as the office hadn’t confirmed anything so I called them before leaving to see if they knew. The girl tried calling her home and the hospitals to see if she was there and nothing so I had to go to her place in case. Of course I made it there and no one was there. I waited my 15 mins and came back home. I had planned on going back to bed but just stayed up. I also had time to put the garbage at the curb this morning. Of course I had it earlier so they only came late in the afternoon and when I wait, they come early. Blah!

Anyways, I was still feeling sad-ish today and didn’t really know what to do with myself. I tried “fixing” the scratch on my window with toothpaste cause some people say you can fix a scratch with that but it totally didn’t work. I want to try baking soda but I have a feeling that won’t work either. I think the scratch might be too “deep” for those kind of hacks. I wonder if there’s something I can buy to fix it thought. I see a lot of people buffing it with an actual buffer but I wanted something more simple as I don’t own a buffer.

I could also hear that the neighbor was getting his lawn mowed and that kinda made me feel worse cause that mean I’ll have to do mine soon. It will wait next month cause I’m not doing it before we go away. I’m also not sure our mower still works cause the blade needs the be sharpen or changed. Really, I was supposed to buy a new mower but never got to it. Bleh again! I also need to clean up those leaves and branches. I’m still waiting on my friend’s son-in-law to come do it but I have a feeling I will end up doing it myself. I’m not gonna bother with it before I go away but if I come back and it’s not done, I guess I’ll have to get out there and do it myself. I also need to clean up the flower bed and try to fix the mess I made in the winter. I would also like for hub to get on the roof and clean the gutters and the mess of pine needles. Sounds like so much to do. Maybe we shouldn’t go away and just get this all done.

Talking about branches and the people mowing the neighbor’s lawn. I am pissed about it. I got out and saw that they put all the branches from my neighbor’s lawn on MY LAWN. They cleaned up and put a bundle of branches on my freaking side. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Of course the bundle isn’t tied up so I doubt very much that the garbage will pick it up next week. I just can’t believe what they did. It’s like barely on my side but it’s on my side. I won’t be here next week but if I come back and it’s still sitting there I will either push it directly on the neighbor’s side or go knock at their door and be like “Yea, we have lived next to each other for the past 10 yrs and have never met but Hey, I’m your neighbor and could you please get your fucking branches off of my properties, please and thank you.” Arg!

So yea, after being here and feeling blah, I ended up going to Jack’s and we all know what happened there. I then went to work and after I was done, I picked up my friend so we could go eat at Costco as that sis of mine wanted me to get something from there for when we go there next week. I decided tonight was the right time to go or else, I wouldn’t have time.

The manager at the store also got me super freaking pissed off. She texted me saying I needed to be careful when I did drops cause I had put a wrong amount in last Mon and that’s why I was $220 over at the end of the night. Excuse me?! She then realized that the mistake was hers and not mine and never apologized or said anything for getting into my face about it. That’s already a piss off. She then texts me asking me to pick a new pin and password which I’m like what for, and she doesn’t really explains just says she need a pin and password which I don’t answer right away so she ends up calling me super freaking mad and asking me why I was taking so long to answer her. Excuse me again?! I am working at my other job right now so what the fuck.. I can’t just answer you like I please. I’m pretty sure if I was working at the store and being on my cellphone that wouldn’t pass so why do you expect me to be answering you when I’m working at my other job. Like, what the fuck.. she’s getting on my last nerve lately. She’s always in my face and this is not right, not right at all. You can’t just call your employee and be mad at them when you know they are currently working somewhere else. You can also not just accuse your employee of making a mistake and telling them to be more careful in the future when you don’t investigate and then to find out your the one who made the mistake and not apologize for blaming your employee. I don’t understand how she still has a damn job with her non social skills. It’s just unbelievable how she’s been treating me. First, she gives me hell for the way the store was left and she leaves it in worse shape the next Sat so I’m stuck with all of it and now all this. It’s inhuman and she’s just started acting this way with me but has been doing it for ever with all the other employees so I can only imagine how they feel.

Now I’m home and I feel bored. I put the dishes in the dishwasher and got that going cause I was too lazy to do them. I need to wash my bras so I don’t forget about it and not have any clean one for when we go away. I also need to put the suggies toys in their cage and I could use a nice bath. I should prob wash my hair but I’m gonna wait tomorrow night so then I won’t have to worry about washing it while we’re gone as I don’t want to bring my shampoo and all that with me.

I guess I’ll finish watching the episode I had started last night and then go take a bath.




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