Lonely again

Nothing I do can get his attention.   He’s too busy playing games on his phone or chatting with bitch number 2.  The one I caught him trying to get it on with late that night.   She turned him down and wouldn’t even chat with him.   She probably doesn’t even know about me.   He actually let me meet his mother.   I don’t think she likes me.  She brought him a bunch of his stuff so now none of my stuff will fit in his car.   I should be glad that it won’t so now I can pack my things in my car and sneak off without him.   He’s got some of it still sitting on my side of the bed that he won’t move.  He’s working on a major drunk again.   His drinking is getting worse and worse since getting here.   He’s also getting angrier and angrier and staying mad as hell.   He’s blaming it all on me…. Everything that goes wrong is always all my fault.   I’m not the one who drug him here.   He drug me here and everything is going wrong.   But it’s all my fault. 

He just tried to have sex and can’t even get a hard on for me any more drunk or sober.   It’s the end for me. 

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