Another one

No I’m not that DJ Kal-whatever lol.

Work is the usual, one person messes up and instead of going 1v1 as a manager…he straight up comes at all of us.

Sometimes it’s even better:

This one time an employee quit on my day off amd my boss came yelling at me “wtf happened to ****? When did she leave the store amd why?” … like I was even there lol.

Pizza jobs in a college town gets stressful.

I want to walk out and quit already but there is too much on my plate to do so. Scared to admit that it’s taking a toll on my mental health.

I need out but first I need to find an opportunity.

Question of the day:

Have you ever felt trapped in a dead end job amd as much as you want to leave, there’s always something happening that stops you from going through with  it? 

What do you do to either gain the ability to do it or make your current situation better?

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