What should I do?

So I got the job, I don’t know what to do now. I want to quit my current job, I only work about 8 hours a week which is only pushing my bills behind. My boyfriend says not to worry about it that he’ll take care of it, I’ve always been independent so I want to make my own money and not having to worry about not having enough for the next bill. He doesn’t want me to work, he wants me to go too school but, honestly I want to work and as for school it’s going to be difficult when we are sharing my car. He makes good money at he’s job, but I don’t pile all our bills on him. Anyways, I miss the beach, I’ve been wanting to go and get distracted. I want to go on my own though, I want to be alone, sometimes I feel suffocated. Gotta go xoxo goodnight.

One thought on “What should I do?”

  1. is the job what you want to do, or is it just to pay the bills? Does the new job get you closer to the career you want? Does school get you to the career you want? answer those questions for yourself. Don’t include him in the equation to answer them. DON’T EVER LET HIM TALK YOU INTO NOT WORKING! If anything happens you do need to be able to stand on your own. If going to school will get you where you want to be great then talk to him and tell him what you would like to do. Go to the beach and think about these questions you will kill two birds with one stone.

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