Just Checking In

Slept till 4pm today. God I hate it when I do that! Something’s got to give. I  really need to figure this sleeping junk out. 

Once I got up & got myself “together”, everything has been fine. Haven’t done anything whatsoever , just lounging around basically. Zac & I went out to grab cigs & some food items, & we took Bart (kitty) with us. It was so cute!!! He just laid there on his blanket on the seat between us & looked around. He really seemed to enjoy it! Who’d a thunk it?? 

Got a new coloring book while we were out. “Day Of The Dead” it’s called. Sugar skulls, roses, cats (preferably black), white rabbits, skeletons, omigosh I can’t wait to start coloring in it!!! 

And on that note, I’m out! Maybe I’ll post a pic when I finish one. Not that anyone would be interested. So anyhoo, tata for now!!!!!!

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