Other shoe

He’s on his best behavior still.  He even came to me for sex without any prompting.  He’s being very affectionate…..which means the other shoe is going to drop and drop hard.  He didn’t have an orgasm and I really wasn’t into it like I used to be.  I think he probably jacked off earlier when he hid in the bathroom for about 15 minutes and locked the door behind him.  I’m starting to realize I don’t love him any more.  He kept putting me out then telling me the door was always open to me.  It’s only a matter of time at this point that he puts me out for good.  He’s almost to the point that he doesn’t need me.  Only thing remaining is the car…getting his brother in law to fix it.  It’s overheating and has no front brakes and he drove it across the mountains like that.

He’s laying down for a nap and has turned the ac off during the heat of the day.  He’ll probably wake up in a foul mood and start fighting again.  I hate being so terrified all the time.  I told him I loved him as he laid down and he snapped at me.  If I call the cops on him we both will be kicked out.

I’m starting to realize that the reason he may be keeping me around is guilt.  I supported him for 3 months with no help from him.  I’m sure this will probably fade soon.

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