He took me out for a steak dinner last night.  He insulted the waitress because he thought she was too slow.  She was just fine….we were in and out in less than 45 minutes and that included paying the bill.  I was up until late washing sheets, as usual.  During the night we both got up to use the restroom and he got back in bed and had the sheets pushed down to the end of the bed.  I tried asking him to move his feet so I could get the sheets pulled back up and he didn’t move enough for me to get the sheets.  I tugged on them a couple of times and then he jumped out of bed, them up and threw them at me then jumped back in bed like he was pissed as hell.  That may have been the other shoe dropping.  I’m waiting for him to get up to see what happens.  He stopped on the way home and got another 2-4 packs of beer.  He was already drunk when we went out but I can only imagine how bad he was when he came to bed last night.

To make matters worse Murray ate a piece of plastic yesterday off of a cigarette package.  I hope the hell he passes it.

Ian is staying dressed around me all the time now.   He even sleeps in his underwear when didn’t before.

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