He’s still being nice.  Although the affection is starting to fade again.  He took me to play Putt Putt.  He started getting angry at the ball a few times and acted like he was going to yell.  We both got a couple of holes in one.  He tossed the score card before we could add up the final total.  I had him beat by 2 shots the first half and probably had more than that the second half.  I had fun but I’m not sure he did considering I was better.  I tried to shave a few shots on his score so he wouldn’t feel so bad. He started getting quiet and shit on the way home.  He’s sitting in his usual spot on his cell phone.  He’s probably chatting with some girl again or maybe bitch 2.  I’m still scared to death of when the other shoe will fall and he’ll start yelling and screaming again.  I just don’t want to be around him any more because of his drinking and ugly behavior.  I don’t know why he’s been so angry since we got here.  Everything’s been going his way….provided he hasn’t lost that job which I’m sure he has since he called in sick on his third day and hasn’t shown up since.  They’ve probably found someone who really wants to work to send out there.  It’s a shame too.  It was a bread factory and he got all the free bread he wanted.

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