Waking up is the hardest….

For months I’d wake up to a text from Gabby, or a phone call because she had just gotten off of work. 

It’s been over a week and we haven’t spoke. 

I keep waiting to write her letters, tell her how I feel, she’s all I think about, and simply….just how my day went. I want to ask how her day is, and make sure she’s alright, smiling everyday. 

She seems to be doing well, as I had made the mistake of watching her story on instagram. Which, I will not be making that mistake again  it just tugs at the small strings that are holding my heart together. 

I never realized being broken up with, when you have done nothing wrong, rips you up more then being left because I cheated. Which is usually the case. I have a terrible track record. She has to find her self, and God, and I just sit here and wonder if she’ll ever fall into me again. 


I’d kill, for just one more night, of falling asleep to her head on my chest, her heart beat right against mine, then to wake up to her “beeebeeee” a smile and a kiss all bc “she missed me” while she was sleeping. 


I’m so tired, I don’t want to stay awake, and I don’t want to sleep….i just want her out of my head. 

One thought on “145.”

  1. I have been there so many times. I sometimes think, was I good enough for the other person. what was it that I couldn’t give them. I think in time it gets easier and most of the time, if you were good together they ALWAYS come back. She just needs to see that she’s not missing anything in the real word.

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