For those that left me messages on my last post.  His money is in a bank and can only be accessed by him with a card that he keeps hidden and I don’t have the pin number for it.  I have no family or relatives to stay with.  I have no one to help me and Murray.  It’s either the streets or a shelter and you can’t take animals into homeless shelters.  So the streets and living in the car is the only option.

BTW  He won’t let me leave yet he sleeps on the floor rather than in bed with me.  And to add insult onto injury I think he had sex with the woman a few doors down.  She stepped between us to stop him from coming after me.  I went and got some gas and came back and they were standing nose to nose talking quietly.  Now she won’t look at either of us (at least when I’m around) and won’t speak to me whether I’m with Ian or not but mostly she hides in her room now.

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