passed out

I decided to cook dinner tonight….chicken fried rice.  I started cooking it and he went to bed and passed out.  I guess dinner’s going in the trash tonight.  God how inconsiderate can you get.  He smokes in the room when I told him I was very allergic and it caused me to have asthma attacks.  He doesn’t care.  When he was 2 hours late coming home from work and didn’t call or text me to let me know or have someone else do it so I wouldn’t worry, of course I was in the wrong for being worried sick that he had been in a wreck or was in a hospital and I had no way to call and check them but I was in the wrong.   I guarantee he’s going to pee the bed and I’m going to be the one to be up all night washing sheets only for it to happen before dawn and I’m going to be the one to change the sheets then too and wash them tomorrow.  I thought my ex was an alcoholic of epic proportions but he never peed the damned bed and especially didn’t make me clean up after him.  He doesn’t care about anyone but himself.  He’s a narcissist of epic proportions.  Jesus, how could I have been so damned blind and stupid.  I’m going to have to buy more sheets and another comforter just to keep up with him.  If I toss him out then I’m out too because he had the room put in his name and I’m paying.  He kept tossing me out and telling me the door was open and could come back any time….but he was putting me out.  If I had the money I could pack up and leave tonight but I don’t. I don’t think he’s going to have room for my stuff this go around to move to the other place and will hopefully put it all in my car.  At which point I can take off.  I’m sick of this shit.  He sleeps all day and pees the bed and stays up all damned night.  He’s doing it on purpose so he doesn’t have to be with me and to avoid sex.  I’ve quit asking because I know he won’t and when he seldom will it will be terrible.  At first it was great but how he doesn’t give a shit.

I finally did get him up for dinner and he smothered it in bar-b-que sauce….chicken friend rice.  Went to all the trouble of cooking and smothered it in something….what a fucking insult.  I’m not cooking for him any more.

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