All over again

I just don’t understand what he wants from me.   I was sitting on the bed minding my own business and watching the hockey game with him and he went off again because he said he wanted spaghetti and meatsause and apparently I didn’t act enthusiactally enough  for him.   I just walked out with one change of clothes and told him I’d be back in the morning for Murray and the rest of my stuff.   He said I couldn’t come back for it or Murray. 

I’m so scared.   He finally admitted he was sick of me and my shit.  He told me to come get my stuff but I’m too afraid to.   If I call the cops he’ll just get in my face again  and start screaming.   He won’t even let me get Murray.   Every time I walk out the door he refuses to let me shut it and Murray gets out and he yells at me saying its my fault that he got out when I’m not the one that won’t shut the door.  He blames me for his drinking.  I’m scared and alone.  I don’t know what to do.   I can’t even get my medication.  I’m not even allowed to touch anything to drink because he paid for it. 

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