I’m awake today!!! LOL! So I was awake all night after sleeping the better part of 2 days, woke my daughter (we’ll call her Y”) for school, then went to my room to watch Dr. Phil. I know most people can’t stand him, but I can’t resist watching him destroy some of the idiots on his show. Anyway…I fell asleep at some point, & woke up at like 2 something. Not perfect, but better than sleeping even longer. 

So that’s my day as of now. My oldest daughter (“B”) came by earlier talking all loud right outside the window where my bro was trying to sleep. Lord that child is a trip. She’s 27 going on 12, I’m not even joking. she’s married to an illegal mexican who stays drunk, beats on her, & is just basically the biggest nothing on the planet. That’s a story for another day .


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