One minute we’re getting along watching the hockey game and they go on an intermission and he picks a fight.   I can’t seem to do anything right in his eyes.   I told him I was leaving when I get my check and he wants me to pack now instead of letting me stay in out of the heat with Murray until next week.   Looks like he’s trying to run me off to bring in someone else.   Maybe that’s been the plan the whole time.  Every thing I do is the wrong thing.   I don’t understand a this.  Why not just leave me and have the new girl help him get here instead of dragging me through all this shit.  He just seems to hate me so damn much since we got here.   Why didn’t I see this coming?  He’s just that good a liar I guess and I was a willing sucker in the whole thing.  My life has finally hit the skids in a royal way. 

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