Whose here, Who is really here?

Whelp its been a while but here i am and knowing no one missed me 

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It feels like no one is ever here for me, for my friend group i’m there for everyone and everything. No matter what i always have a way to fix their problems or their insecurities, but let me have a problem and they all give me either shitty advice or tell me “None of us have ever had this problem” like wtf does that mean?? I’ve never had to deal with sexuality issues or gender identity issues a day in my life but at least 3 times a week i’m helping my one friend with hers and her violent outburst. Saying you’ve never had that issue is a shitty excuse, no matter what any of my friends issues are i always bust out some A1 advice and guidance but i need one thing and they all play fucking dead. I’ve never been fucked before or had a pregnancy scare but i still had something helpful to say to my friend who did, and now that i think about it she is the only helpful friend i really have when it comes to my problems she gets what its like to need someone and i admire that.

It just feels like no one is truly here for me half the time, so i’m trying to learn to just keep all my problems to myself, but thats hard because i have problems too i have really bad problems. I need help too and i want help, but i can never get it ever. They just give shitty advice and things that are impossible to say or do, and i can’t do this anymore.

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  1. Remember that you are never alone. Your Heavenly Father is always closer than a breath, and ready to hear all your troubles and to HELP. He loves you. I promise.

  2. Same.. Sorry to see ur going through a rough patch.. Im always up to help others out if you feel the need.. I always lend an hand and ear to those who ask for it.

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