Much Better!!!

So……..I woke up at noon today!!!!! Still too late but I’ll take it! My family & I are going to grill some baby back ribs & just chill today. I’ve been watching some videos today, & I came across one where a guy was going around asking people what Memorial Day was all about. I couldn’t believe how many of them had no clue! The guy would make up different reasons for the day & see what their reactions would be. One of them was that we were celebrating the LGBT community, & the person he was talking to just went with it like that was the case! ugh!!!! People seriously need to learn what’s actually going on in the world. If it’s not in a youtube video or on all these social media sites, they don’t know it. It’s pathetic. What are they teaching in school these days anyway?? All I see kids being taught these days is that being homosexual is ok, prayer is a bad thing, & that Americans are supposed to do all they can to appease muslims when something “offends” them. And if I hear one more damn thing about white people being racist, I’m gonna go apeshit crazy. Yes….I’m venting today. I have 2 biracial daughters, & was with the younger one’s dad for 11 years. During that time, I spent quite a bit of time around his family. I have never seen such racism as what I saw from them. They teach their kids that white people are bad, & that law enforcement is always looking to arrest black people for no reason, so they should hate them. One of his cousins was always making derogatory comments about white people, even when I was sitting right there. But white people are the racist ones???? OMG I’ve gotten to the point where I absolutely despise black people. They’re forever saying that it’s because they are black that so many black men are in prisons. Ok…I don’t know where anyone who might read this is from, but where I live, EVERY SINGLE DAY there is a black person in the news for killing or wounding or robbing somebody. But I’m sure it’s said that they are good people, or that the only reason they get locked up is because they’re black & the cops & judicial system are racist. UNBELIEVABLE!!!! Blacks are the most racist people I’ve EVER had the misfortune of being around. The way they act is enough to MAKE a person racist. It has me. And don’t even get me started on the muslims! Here we are having to stop praying in schools & God knows what else because it offends the muslims. Well, personally, I don’t give a damn what offends them. They need to mind their own damn business & do their own thing & stop worrying about what anyone else is doing. And they need to stop wearing that ridiculous garb they wear. THIS IS THE USA……NOT THE DESERT! OMG can’t they just go back to wherever the hell they came from?????? The majority of us Americans don’t want them here anyway!! Ok Ok I need to stop before I ruin my own day talking about this. Maybe later I’ll have a “normal” entry! 


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