Oh my gosh. So we have a female calico outside, & she has 4 kittens. She ran into the sun porch a few minutes ago with a “present” for us. We’re all just thinking it’s a mouse or rat, so no big deal as long as she takes it back out into the woods or whatever. Come to find out, it was a tiny baby bunny!! The mood dampened quickly, that’s for sure. We snuck it away as soon as she turned her back, & I guess it’ll either be buried or thrown into the woods or something. Sad.

Slept until 3 today, so I’m not happy with that. I even went to bed at like 1am, which is early for me, just so I could make sure to get up at a decent time. Maybe tomorrow. Well hell, it HAS to be different tomorrow. I have 24 hours of community service to do by June 10th. Yes….I’m on supervised probation. Ugh. My own fault though.

OMG those ribs we cooked last night? I could’ve eaten & eaten & eaten & eaten till I literally exploded!! Those thing were bangin!!!! We’re always broke as convicts, so we only get to eat the cheapest of cheap food, so to have ribs for a change was seriously the shit. We had to break the law to get them, but that’s how it goes at times. I feel bad doing that, but sometimes without it, there would be no food in the house. You can’t have that when there’s 4 kids in the house. Life sucks when you’re unable to work. I’ve been disabled since 2001, & my brother is trying to get his now, so we’re trying to survive on just my disability check, which barely enough to pay the actual bills, with maybe 80 bucks left over for household needs. IT SUCKS!!!


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