It doesn’t matter what they think

It does not matter what people think or say. If you know you’re good, then what they say is absolutely irrelevant. That is easier said than done. The problem belongs to them. Let them have their misconceptions.

I think it will free our minds when no one can control how we respond but ourselves. Let go! Remember we are only dealing with other people who are only human. I don’t care how smart they are or how educated they are. Anyone with a brain can have sense and know a lot without having a years of training.

No one can control our mindsbut ourselves. Get toxic people out of your life. If its impossible, learn how to react to them or do something the opposite of what they would expect of you.

As long as you are not being physically abused or severely verbally abused, just tolerate it or humor them. Otherwise get away from them…..

You have to chat with yourself and be your own best friend, otherwise everyone will be your enemy, including yourself. 

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