life is lifeless

I see someone laughing 

someone texting


deep in conversation

deep in an argument

I see reading 

and eating

I see love 




I see everything and I wonder 

What is the point

I question everything 

What is love when you can lose the one you love in a blink and move to hate

What is hate when you will soon be in drowning sorrow

What is sorrow when it leads back to hate 

Then back to sorrow and you go in a circle until you find some joy and love 

And then that can be taken away from you in a second too 

What is emotion, what is a day, what is a life without you

Without the ones you love 

Without hate

Without sorrow

Without Joy 

Life is nothing 

Life is nothing 

Life is lifeless without love hate sorrow joy emotion 

But even with life it can feel lifeless 



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