150. Simply free

In this very moment, I feel a sense of ease, a over all peace within me. Not a worry in the world, just an utter appreciate for the world around me. From simply waking up in the morning, to the foods eat, the things I’m blesses to see, the friends I’m blessed to have as family, life. I’m finding some small church to go to tomorrow. As I have been a half in half out religious guy my whole life, lately I have dedicated my self to my faith. Why? Idk, it seems….right? I’m a very logical, so  at times the thought of religion doesn t quit fit my thought patterns, how ever, through my entire life, it is where I have found clarity. Confusing…right?

I might add that I’m on vacation as still seeking a church for Sunday mass……

I’m not sure why I have begun this….again…it just feels right. 


Today was day 1 of vacation, the drive was longed then we had expected due to traffic. The dive into the pool once we were unpacked made the wait worth it. Chasing the crabs on the beach smoking a fat one, worth it. 

As I grow older, and I look deeper. It amazes me how the simple, “none important things” can literally take your breath away in an instant. 

Personally, I feel people take life around them for granited. Thanks in between their toes, the air they breath, the life they have. Today is not promised, nor is tomorrow. The beauties this life have to offer us we should indulge, appreciate, Nd love  yet as humans, were selfish, and only care about material things  not realizing the best feeling we could ever have, is simply………free. 

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