Community Service

Well the first 21 1/2 hours of community service are done. I have a total of 48 hours to do, so a few more days to go. It’s easy work, plus me & T (sis in law) are doing our hours at the same time, so we are right there together. That helps a lot, plus there are only 2 more people working in that area with us, so we pretty much talk & goof off while we work. As easy as the work is, I can’t believe how HORRIBLE I feel at the end of the day. I feel like I can’t take one more step by the time we get home.

I’m without my mini-me this weekend. She’s spending the weekend at her dad’s for the first time. He called me Thursday & told me that he & wifey finally got their own place, & that Yanni will have her own room for when she goes to visit, so hopefully things go ok. He also claims to have finally gotten a job, so he sent me the child support when his wifey picked Yanni up Friday. As if I haven’t known that he’s been working this whole time. He thinks I’m an idiot, but it’s whatever.

It’s time to go outside for a smoke. No more news for tonight anyway.

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