Time What Is It

Time is something I been thinking a lot about lately on top of everything else. I had a huge wake up call on time recently when this past school year ended. I realized my oldest daughter will be out on her own before I knew it, she’s going into her final year of high school this fall than culinary school after. I knew it was happening but it happened so fast. We watched some of her friends graduate last week and all I could think of was ‘that was just me” than I realized it was me 18 years ago and I will be the mother of a graduate next year. All I can think of where did all that time go, how did it go by so fast, what have I actually accomplished. The answers to those questions are simple, time doesn’t stand still and will pass us by before we know it. I personally spent majority of those 18 years in a toxic abusive relationship than into another before I truly understood that I deserved better. So I stayed single for almost 4 years and lived by if its meant to be it will be, that when I found someone who deserved my time I would know, and that’s exactly what happened. I did online dating for about 2-3 years just to see what was out there. Than one day I got this message nothing special to it just has this gut feeling I couldn’t shake for weeks, like if I didn’t reply I would regret it type of feeling. So I replied and we talked everyday all day for 2 months before we met in person on a group date which almost ended in disaster but thankfully didn’t, it actually turned out to be a great night. We still talked everyday afterwards and became an official couple 22 days later and been together ever since. I got off topic of time there for a moment maybe not really cause of time I learned to trust and love a man again. That it takes the unconditional love of someone to heal and make some feel whole again, and sometimes it takes to broken people to heal each other over time. So what is time? How much time do we have? Can we change the world in the time we have? Is time what we make it or is our time already written from birth? If it’s written from birth can we change it and make something new? I do believe time does heal us all in some way, maybe in a way we don’t quite understand yet. So I end this with a thought for you. Did you make the most of your time today? Did you do something to brighten someone else’s day? 

Goodnight All and Sweet Dreams ——– Thank you for reading my nonsense again.

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  1. I’m glad it was what you needed. I’m glad my rambling thoughts was there just when you needed it……You’re Welcome and thank you for reading my craziness.

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