151. Mini Vacation Summery

Three days of this vacation, sadly.  However, this trip thus far has been absolutely amazing. Beach days, we hit a aquarium/ museum as well. Today we’re hitting the boardwalk. I am exceptionally excited about being able to go, as it’s something that I have wanted to do sine we planned this trip last year. If I’m mistaken I’m pretty sure were going to go put-putting, which I have never done. Also someone had mentioned go carts, and bumper boats. Nothing like reverting back to our child hood years.

Surprisingly I haven’t gotten sun burn to bad. The worst thus far is the tops of my feet, and my cheeks got a lot of sun yesterday.

The second day I was here, I got a very unexpected call. Gabby. She wanted to let me know that the message I received had nothing to do with her. After that conversation, I didn’t really think I would ever hear from her again, just to have her call me the next morning. She wants to hang out when I get home, and “see where things go” if we can be friends or not, but she wants me in her life, just not dating at the moment. I told her I would have to think about it. I love her, and I’m not sure I can be her friend, or after everything if I even want to be her friend. I’m refusing to get my hopes up for anything, I just know Ill only be let down. For instance, last night she never replied to my last text, so I left it alone, text her before I went to bed telling her good night and what not, and she didn’t even say thanks….or reply at all for that matter. Figures the half of a second I get to comfortable to tell her good night I get nothing in return.  * insert eye roll here*



Breakfast is about done, so I’m signing off in order not to be rude as the whole house eats and I just sit here writing. An attempt to be social today even though I’m really not feeling it. I had a terrible dream, the seemed to real, and beyond awkward. Besides the fact I’m feeling the side effects of all the ladies in the house starting their monthly cycle. I’m hoping that it doesn’t cause me to start a full blown one, and just a little cramping. I don’t need or want that type of mind fuck at the moment. meh.




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