Oh…. Hi I’m new here.. Today is boring then I start to think I may write a journal for amusing. Actually I really like writing even though my English sucks.

I’m 19, from Hong Kong. 

Working, Studying and Watching Youtube take turns everyday. I start to get tired of all this. I want my life to be added by Love. 

There’s an overseas guy I met and I really like him. I always dream about him and eager to chat with him. He’s older than me more than 4 years and our hobbies are totally different, even personalities and perceptions. 

From the bottom of my heart there’s a hope, which is we can be together. However, I understand it’s impossible for a good reason since there will be so much obstacles coming from us in so many fields. It just cause suffer, pain and tear.

I’m afraid of seeing him getting a girlfriend one day…. It must be extremely painful for my poor little heart. But…. I’m grateful I can be his friend in his life tho.

Thanks for reading and hope you don’t mind my shit written English^^


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