Sun & Water

I’ve been really worried after my hospital ordeal last summer that I may not be able to climb up & down the ladder to use the pool this year. Turns out I’m able to. It’s extremely hard, but doable. So today the sun was beating down, & the more I looked out the window, the more I wanted to get on my new float & tan. Well…my goofy ass never once stopped to remember that most parts of my skin haven’t seen the sun in a year. I put on my usual tanning oil (amplifier), & there I went. I only stayed out there MAYBE 2 hours, then all the kids got in & that was it for me. Turns out that was the best thing that coulda happened, because I’m burnt to a crisp!!! Not to a horrible point, but there’s definitely no pool for me tomorrow. That’s ok though…maybe I’ll actually wake up & get some things done. Good God could I be any more of a goober?? LMAO!! That’s basically all my day consisted of today, but that’s good. It means no major problems.

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