Lunch w/ Carol….. Linda

Well it didnt happen.  I thought long and hard about it…mostly with my dick, but decided that I just wasnt into her, so I made up an excuse that some bad karma had happened and thought it just wasnt the right time to see her.  We chatted a little and as we chatted it just became more and more clearer the reason why I was not into her.  The more we spoke the less I wanted her.  Something about her that just annoys me.  And then after I told her that, I couldnt see her b/c I’m a big proponent of karma, she started to lecture me saying I shouldnt see her if I’m feeling guilty that if I do meet that I need to be into it..blah blah blah….  Then she ended it by saying that maybe I just need to see someone for a one time thing…and then she said which isnt her btw, and that she probably wouldnt have let me get too far with her this time.  I’m like whatever….. here is teh funny part as we spoke initially I said told her that I was writing about her in my journal and it brought back some fond memories about the times we had…that I did enjoy the sex with her…. I did, but I was just not into her.  We chatted a bit about it, even talking about it, her telling me how much she enjoyed me taking control like that, about me going for a kiss on our initial meeting, and how hot that was.  Then me saying maybe we’ll do it again…blah blabh blah

Then she goes and ruins it saying that if I feel guilty about stepping out that maybe I shouldnt do it..maybe we shouldnt see each other….. and that is when it dawned on me…there is nothing that kills the vib more than having the women that wants to have sex with you, try and talk you out of it.  Dont try to talk me out of it…. so we chatted a bit more before I ended the conversation.

In other news I’ve been chatting on and off with this women Linda.  We have never met, only thru pics.  We’ve been chatting for a few years now… we actually stopped talking for a few years, but have since picked it up.  She is a women that travels, so she comes to my area a few times a year.  In the begining she was a bored wife that was looking for some excitement.  But then she started to get to clingy.  In the beginning we had a lot of phone sex…sometimes while she was at work.  She said she did things that I ahve asked her to do to herself that she has never done before…. little things like pinch her clit while fingering herself….. she discovered how much she likes that.  when we started having phone sex, once a week became something that happened twice a week, then soon it was basically everyday she wanted it…she would sneak out for lunch, and she would masterbate for me in her car.  She would text me on weekends wanting some…I slowly tried to pull back, she didnt get the hint…she couldnt wait to see me when she was in town….I cut it off before then.  The vib had me scared…. she seemed like a fatal attraction.  So I made up some excuse that my wife saw our text…. even tried to pretend I was her.  She didnt buy it, it was turning a little bit ugly.  She told me that she still wanted to meet me as friends…she wasnt taking no for an answer I kept asking her that I think we should go our seperate ways, she kept texting wanting to talk.  I had to threaten to tell her hubby if she didnt leave me alone.

I blocked her number….. finally it ended…. fast forward 2 years later…. I saw her name in my contact list as I was changing phones, so I reached out to say hi.  We chatted I told her I didnt like how things ended…blah blah blah… she told me how much /I hurt her….how low she felt, that after that she didnt want to step out on her hubby…not that she ever did…but then in the same breath she also told me how much I had awaken her…back then from the picture I rememember she was a little overweight…. not much but a little thick.

Well after 2 months of small chat she sent me a pic of her now…and OMG super hot.I did not remember her being that hot, but I also had to take my lumps, as I had to listen to her about how much I made her feel unwanted, that how she has never stepped out on hubby and how she only wanted to with me but that I had crushed her….that for the longest time she was deperessed and how she couldnt tell anyone about it.  She learned to be a stronger women, she started running and getting into shape.  She started doing more and more things for herself, that althought she was mad at me that I help her become a stronger women.  So this was about 2 years ago….when we started chatting I let her know it was just friendship, that I could not chat every day.  So we kept it like that for the first 2 months.  Then we would flirt a little….about a month after she sent me her recent photo I sent her one of me…and she called me a fuck…saying why did I have to do that.  That I looked so good that she should have been a bitch and not taken my call…that my picture totally fucked her up.  So again we started to flirt a little…not like last time.  Fast forward another month…on a saturday, she was home alone, and our chats were getting a little more intense…I started talking about what I rmember about her …things she liked, she started telling me about how she went for massages now, and that there is this one guy that massages her, that is pretty hot and young, about how her nipples get so erect when he is touching her, and then she told me that she was getting wet from talking about it.  She then sent me some very revealing pics of her… not totally nude…it was from a calender that she had made for hubby.  Holy shit they were hot, and I didnt remember her tits being so big.  She has a very slender waist now, and I always knew she had big tits…but damn.

So we began flirting more and more….this went on for 6 more months…no phone sex, just flirting.  Then she told me about a vacation she went to, with hubby, where they met this young couple…young hot couple… we talked about if they had swapped and she said no never that her hubby would never go for it, but that she was thinking about him, how one night they smoked out, got all fucked up and then fucked outside by their bungalo how she say him watch them fuck…how turned on she was by it.  They next day she said that while hanging out with this couple, how they were left alone at the table and she allowed this man to finger her, all without her hubby knowing about it, how hot it was.  Apparently the guys wife knew and didnt mind.  It was pretty hot.  So our flirts started getting flirtier…then she said that I probably couldnt handle her…so now our flirts turned to how she was gonna make me cum like a little school boy… forward to earlier this year went back to this place, with that couple.  how once again this guy watched her and hubby fuck…all without her hubby knowing….then while she was on vacation she tecxted me telloing me that she thinks she will have her first women on women encounter…. I asked her if she was excited about eating pussy, and she said no….but she is excited about having her pussy eaten by another women.  So with their hubbies there, she and this women went at it…it was mostly this women eating her out and fingering her…and then she told me how after they left hubby fucked her for hours on end…how her hubby was like a differenbt person while on vacation, things that he never did at home he did to her there.  She sent me a bunch of pictures…all faceless of two women going at it, she said the women hubby took them.  I was skeptical, as the women in these pictures had super huge tits….and from the clothes pictures she had sent me I didnt remember her being so big.  So for the last 4 months we have started to talk about hooking up again…..only the last two times she was suppose to come out, her plans got cancelled.  I started thinking that she is catfishing me.  I’m starting to think she doesnt travel at all and that we will never get to meet.  I’m cool with that….we no longer have to chat every day, be we do chat about once a week…now its about once a month.  I’m ok with that too.  Then yesterday she texted me asking about where I’ve been…..and then she said she is so exciting about meeting me..that she will be out here in 2 weeks…so yeah I’ve heard this before.  I’m not expecting her to be like the photos she sent me…. Ithink they are photos of someone else.  But we will see.

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