Time to Take Note


I wanted to start a journal to share the ups and downs off life, so I can take a minute and collect my thoughts daily. I’m not sure how interesting the thoughts of a red headed, 26 year old, mother of two Scottish lass will be. I suppose we will find out over the course of this journal! =)

There are so many things in life you don’t want to forget snapshots of wonderful moments, exciting announcements, your youth and childhood to name a few. As you grow older your need to note the worthy experiences you have grows with the more experiences you gain whether they be happy or sad times there are some things that you just don’t want to forget. Now I can’t speak for all mothers or parents or guardians but I would say that my need to remember snippets of life has doubled since becoming a mother. This is because I now not only want to remember my own snapshots of life but I want to remember everything about theirs also. My children aren’t old (7 y.o. and 4 y.o.), however I already find myself losing precious memories of them that I don’t remember until someone else points them out to me. Others probably agree with this. I should point out that losing memories is no surprise to me really, a few years ago i suffered from a subarachnoid hemorrhage in my brain. It left me with constant migraine attacks, struggles with my memory and sometimes my ability to retain new information. That’s part of the reason I decided to take the plunge into this online journal and take note of the things I don’t want to forget!

A lot of the entries I make in the future will probably consist of my success and fails with parenthood because it’s a full time gig most of my world revolves around the two miniature humans. They make me sad, angry, doubt myself and frustrated a lot………….. I’m not a perfect parent I can hold my hands up to that, I don’t believe there is such a thing. However I know that I try my best to raise them and provide them the best I can to allow them to stumble through and cope with life. But most importantly they give me joy, love, pride and security because they have became an extension of my life and I need to equip them to do better, to be better than what I am. When I am old and can look at them and say I have gave them more than I am I will be satisfied that my job as their mother is done. I want to note all the plain sailing times and all the bumps in the road and believe me if my journey so far is anything to go by, then my lord there will be plenty bumps to laugh about later!
Any like minded people or parents are welcome to get in touch and share whats on your minds!
Bye =)

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