And sometime why

Life seems to be filled with periods of calamity, occasionally interrupted by brief periods of calm.  It is during the calm that I try to recover and rest and brace myself for the next crisis.

My wife and I continue to work on us.  We are getting along well again almost all of the time.  We are unable to have traditional sex due to her medical conditions, but are learning to live with what life hands us.

She’s a three time cancer survivor, breast cancer in 2001 with multiple surgeries, chemo,radiation and all that.  Tongue cancer two years ago, another one of those 6 months ago.  Now she has a swollen gland in her neck.  That’s right downstream as lymphatic fluid river flows.  She also just got over an awful viral infection, so it could possibly just be that.  Nonetheless, we visited her surgeon out of town (this town is no place to treat more than stitches and maybe aspirins), who has ordered an ultrasound and a needle core biopsy, which is coming up soon.

Obviously we don’t want to deal with this next phase of squamous cell carcinoma.  She can’t take much more and neither can I, but I am a caregiver by nature.  I feed others in every sense of the word, so I’ll try to prepare as best I can.  My prayers are that it’s just a result of the infection.  If not, we are in good hands with regard to her surgeon and that team in a very well qualified hospital.  That’s the best we can do.

And the beat goes on….. 

2 thoughts on “And sometime why”

  1. I’m sorry to hear about all that you & your wife are going through! Jeez…all on top of your addiction issues too! Sometimes it just piles up on us doesn’t it??

  2. It sure does. And every now and then we get a chance to catch our breath when it does calm. Need more of those days.

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