Be connected

I am guilty… I am unconnected yet I am asking for more than what I deserve… It is true that I am starting to question him and to feel that frustration as to why I am still like this, unloved and single… Why do I keep on feeling that loneliness when I have already made things right just for my life to be normal. I just don’t get it until this day where I am pitying myself and being teary-eyed because I am already rushing… Then out of the blue, I happen to watch those series of videos and it made me realize that indeed it is right… That all this time I keep on asking for things and not getting the connection that He is requiring me to have… it is like sending him messages and getting angry at the fact that He’s not responding when He actually didn’t receive it because I don’t have his contact information. I am now thinking that I have to be connected with him again so I can tell what I wanted in my life… Great timing LORD! You are the best!!!

2 thoughts on “Be connected”

  1. He is good. All the time. Yes, He is the Best. And He has good plans for you! Jeremiah 29:11. Bless you!

  2. Thank you… May God bless you more

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