6/11 record, Teeth Grind

Last night was not easy either. Though I didn’t take any medication. Woke up with a dry mouth still and barely slept. Going to try chewing gum before I sleep to see if it helps.

It is challenging to sleep even with the sound machine and fan running and practicing sleeping on my right side.

I did get sleep paralysis sometime between 11pm and 12am…wasn’t pleasant but I became aware that I was grinding my teeth. This is the first time I can confirm I grind my teeth…which my dentist had always suspected.

So what I’m thinking is on the night of March 23rd, after having the stressful event earlier in the day. I must have been grinding my teeth while laying on my left side.

Was feeling down in the morning, but woke up at 5:30 and got to work by 7 and came home early. Wasn’t too tired at work.

Going home earlier felt good.

Looking at some some old pictures this evening…there’s still lots of memories to make and things to look forward to. Even if I am not at 100%, I can endure and cope and am determined to better my health and sleeping patterns.

The plan is to not any medication tonight as well.

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