6/12 night, and 6/13 day, spikes are part of the process

This is a video I needed to hear.

Spikes are part of the process. I’ve been relatively cool and feeling well today.

Last night, woke up around 1:30am…did not panic or have anxiety with the increased volume. Just got up out of bed and hung out in the backyard…where I am fortunate enough to have a little waterfall, which drowns out the noise.

I went back to bed at 2 and took 1/2 a Tylenol pm and 1/2 a valium..most likely slept from 2:30-5:30, and was able to re-sleep until 7:00.

I felt groggy in the morning…but it was the sort of grogginess from the medication and not the feeling of having not slept. I felt that I actually had a “not bad” sleep which is a 4 rating on my scale of 6.

1 Terrible Sleep

2 poor sleep

3 non optimal sleep

4 not bad sleep

5 decent sleep (un-interrupted, feeling not tired in the morning)

6 good sleep (un-interrupted, deep sleep, feeling refreshed in the morning)

I’m going to start ranking my sleep nights  on a scale of 1-6 and how I feel during the day on a scale of 1-5

1 extremely bothersome

2 irritating

3 discomfort only

4 minimum bother

5 not noticed much

Today, the tinnitus didn’t bother me so much (most likely due to the “not bad” sleep) so I’d give 6/13 a 4 (minimum bother) rating.

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