Hello World

The world can be a scary place
As teenagers even more so
Just recently I felt as if my life had become a rollercoaster ride
The ups and downs seemed endless
Every time I thought that it was over
It only dipped again
Catching me off guard
Someone once told me to keep striving
No matter how rough the road seems they said
It is the journey that matters more than the destination
This quote has long been used
Its origin I know not
But I acknowledge it all the same
It is true what they say
My life may be a rollercoaster but now I know that the people I choose to take the ride with will always be there for me in the end no matter how upset we get along the way
We must all choose these special people to surround ourselves with
For if we choose to ride alone the sharp corners and unexpected turns may affect us more than we thought was remotely possible

My teenage years have long been glum despite the fact that they appear to be sugar coated to every onlooker
They never realized that beneath the candied shell
An empty pit lay
Waiting to filled
To prevent the construction of another black hole in the journey of my life

My teenage years are at its prime for I still have some to savor before they slip between my fingers like those of my childhood
I hope to that I can create memories worth remembering
Though I doubt that it is even possible
Seeing my clouded past and hazed looming future


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