Quick note

Everyone sucks. Particularly the hubs. How hard is it to pay tf attention and put your fkn phone down? He straight up blew me off when I asked for help earlier n then over-apologized (til it was annoying) when I called him out for it. Before that, after dinner he bailed. I thought he was taking out the trash but he also decided to go for a trip around the pond with his pole. Left me inside with the potty training tot and two crying dogs who had to go out. I can’t just let the door open and say go in the evenings because the overachiever beavers across the road like to go for walks outside and the dogs don’t need the temptation. Anyway. He sucks. And the oldest little sucks. I tried to quit 4H but the advisor kinda said no and talked us down. I am horrible and just took over the insect pinning. I know I shouldn’t do her work, but holy sht y’all, the stress of watching her do a crappy job and not care is waaaay worse on me than pushing her aside and making it niceness. I got all thirty pinned and it looks really nice. Also cleaned the whole damn house. Eye roll. Like I said. They suck. Red and black are still coughing but they FEEL better… which I suppose is a blessing and a curse. It’s easy to keep quiet, weak dogs relaxed and calm, but it’s quite a different story when they’re feeling good. Maybe more later… I gotta do a bit more adulting today apparently.

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