Three on a mattress…


  Ten years ago, maybe more, there was a website called My Dear Diary. You could write an online journal there and you could choose if it was public or private. When I found the site, I thought, “Finally, here’s a place where I can record some of the naughty things I do, the things I’d love to talk about, but I don’t dare talk about.” That’s where I first started using the name DirtySecrets. I began writing entries about the sexual experiences I’d had with people of both genders. It was a little surprising to me, but my diary became very popular, drawing lots of comments and private messages. It seemed that women, especially, liked my stories, even the ones about me and a male stranger. They often commented about how much detail I included and how that made things “real” for them. Over the next few months, I would have phone sex with several of them, and I met a couple of them in person, one for a quick make-out session (she had to sneak away from work, so time was an issue). One of my readers, awoman in San Diego, was highly complimentary and began sending me pictures of her tits and her cunt. That was a new thing for me.        

Whenever I traveled on business, I almost always had an adventure of some kind: a strip club encounter, a rest stop blowjob, an escort in a hotel…and I would write about each one and post it. I wrote at one point that I was going to be attending a conference in San Diego and my big fan wrote to me with an intriguing proposal. She lived very close to San Diego and wanted to know if I would be interested in meeting up with her…and her husband! She told me he was very bi-curious, but he had never actually done anything with a man. I found the idea very appealing (and dirty), so I told her I was definitely interested.        

When the time came, I checked into a beautiful hotel in San Diego and gave her a call. She and her hubby arrived within an hour. She was an average-looking housewife, carrying some extra pounds, but I liked her. Her husband was rail-thin, with a ponytail…sort of a late hippie. We sat in the room for a few minutes, none of us sure how to proceed. Finally Tommy said he had to go to the bathroom. While he was there, his wife stood up and opened her blouse, showing me a fully-packed lacy bra. She moved in front of me and encouraged me to touch her titties. The thought crossed my mind that Tommy might come out of the bathroom and freak out at me molesting his wife. But he came over and stood beside us. She said, “Go ahead, Tommy, do what you’ve been wanting to do…” He dropped to his knees, unbuttoned my pants, and pulled my cock out. He stroked it a time or two and then took it into his mouth. She had the biggest smile on her face as she watched him sucking me. After that, all clothes came off and we began a crazy four-hour exploration of all the geometric/mathematical ways you could combine two guys and one girl.        

I fucked her pussy, I sucked his cock. Both of them sucked me. She wanted me to fuck her ass, which I had never done up until then. I did not fuck him, nor did he fuck me, but other than that, we tried just about everything we could think of. As we rested briefly, she said, “Tommy, let’s show him what we can do…” and I wondered — what could be left? Tommy began to insert his fingers into her cunt—one, then two, then finally he slowly pushed his entire hand inside her. She was loving it, saying her favorite things was “to be totally full.” I watched Tommy fist-fuck his wife and then she told him to do the same thing to her asshole. I was stunned; it didn’t seem possible. But it was. I don’t think I even found it arousing; I just kept thinking what it must feel like to have a man’s arm in your butt!        

We all came multiple times; high on Tommy’s bucket list was having a guy shoot in his mouth, so he was happy when I obliged.        

At the end, we were all completely exhausted, but happy. She actually called me the next day and wondered if she could drop by the hotel by herself, but I was busy with my conference by then.        

Although I would later have a threesome with two women, this was the only time I had a MFM encounter. It remains one of my fondest memories.

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