June 13, 2018

My baby girl had her first “date” today. Now I feel super old! She’s been talking about this boy for the past couple of months….like it was so totally obvious she liked him. Then one day she got around to asking me if he could come over & see her. Even though I wanted to say no, I said yes as long as I was home. I’ve got to let go & realize that she’s growing. She’s not my little baby anymore. So anyway, he came over to see her twice, & that went ok, so last night when she asked me if she could go an a “date” today, I said yes. She got dropped off at the mall at 2pm, & never called to be picked up until the mall was about to close at 9pm! But she was happy & unharmed when my sister in law picked her up, so all is well here. 

My suboxone appointment is tomorrow, so that’s good. I’ll be super glad to get those! I’m also gonna ask the dr about diet pills while I’m there. I’m really hoping I haven’t gained any more weight since last month. I swear, I was 232 before the whole hospital thing, but lost down to like 180 while I was in there. I swore to myself I was gonna eat decent & do my best to keep my weight down, but did I? NO!!!! So here I am again…..214 as of last month. So I’m in hopes that the dr will prescribe one of the better diet pills for me tomorrow. I need something to keep the hunger down, because that’s my main problem. Anyway, that’s all for tonight. Byeeeeee……..

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