To Rogue 3

I can feel your pain in my physical body—- a fraction of a fraction of what you feel, dear girl.  I wrote a lot more than that, and the computer deleted it when I was making adjustments to my journal.  Maybe I went on too long with what I was saying.  I wish I could just sit with you and hold your hand, dear heart. 
Well, I just was getting ready to exit and there was the rest of my 2nd message.  I hope it brings you some small comfort.

2 thoughts on “To Rogue 3”

  1. Thank you for your prayers <3 and your entries. I love you too and I do hope you've been alright! <3 <3 </3

  2. You are so precious. You and
    God together created Harry and now
    he lives forever with a happy and pure heart.
    To him it will seem like one minute until you are
    there with him. Think how his face will light up!
    Live for Harry, dear girl. When the time comes, in God’s
    perfect timing, you will be with Harry again forever,
    all the pain and tears forgotten and healed completely
    in an instant. I love you. I keep you in my prayers.

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