Who knew

Who knew that one day I’d be writing this about you

That maybe getting everything off my chest this way would get me through

Everyday gets harder in ways you couldnt ever comprehend

If I keep it real with myself I honestly never thought it would end

My addiction got the best of me and I ruined it all

Now I cant even bring myself to listen to King of the Fall

This isn’t how life was meant to be

Me without you and you without me

I struggle with the pain of carrying your child inside me all the time

Wishing I could rewind everything back to when things were fine

I try my best to hold things together

But it’s so damn hard when I thought we were forever

I know one day I will face you again

But it’s too late now when you have a girlfriend

I don’t know how I will emotionally cope

When everything inside of you has given up all hope

A soul tie that many tried to break

But there was another life that we had to make

You will probably never read this but it’s my way to break free

From all this hurt, regret, and guilt I hold inside me

How I get through each day I dont even know

But I keep fighting for what we created that continues to grow.

Now that I’m alone I have no way to numb myself

Because still to this day I just want you and nobody else








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